• 13 Oct

    Tax & Mortgage Lists - Nov 1 Auction

    Over 1600 Mortgage & Tax delinquent properties across 6 counties are scheduled for the November 1 foreclosure auction. Look at these properties now!
  • 5 Oct

    Investors Acquired Over 8 Million in Equity Oct 4

    Investors acquired over 8 million in equity on the purchase of 297 properties at the October 4 Harris County Foreclosure Auction. See what's scheduled for the Nov 1 auction here!
  • 7 Sep

    Investors Acquired over 7 Million in Equity Sept 6

    Investors acquired approximately 7 million in equity on the purchase of 231 properties at the September 6 Harris County foreclosure auction. Begin viewing the October 4 auction list now!
  • 2 Aug

    Foreclosure Auction!

    The foreclosure auction is TODAY, August 2 from 10am to 4pm. To view a list of the hundreds of properties posted for today's auction click here!
  • 4 Jul

    Foreclosure Auction Tomorrow!

    Hundreds of mortgage and tax delinquent properties posted for auction tomorrow. Click here to see what's scheduled for the July 5 auction!